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Just like any machine, computers slow down over time with usage. Old files, folders, registry entries, cookies and a host of other left-over items accumulate on your computer’s hard drive and slow down your computing experience. In order to be able to locate and fix all these issues in one shot, SlimCleaner Plus is extremely handy. It runs a battery of troubleshooting diagnostic tests on your computer, spots and identifies any errors present and then fixes them, all at the click of a button.

SlimCleaner Plus is a fast, easy-to use application developed by SlimWare Utilities to improve performance and fix issues that may lead to problems. SlimCleaner Plus costs 34.95 USD for a single-year license.

  1. Once you have installed it, start SlimCleaner Plus from Start > All Programs > SlimCleaner Plus > SlimCleaner Plus. The first time you run SlimCleaner Plus, you will be greeted with a window suggesting that you run the 1-Click Scan.

Click Yes. It will start scanning you computer for problems. During the scanning process, you will see icons next to the current active stage of the scan. The scan only takes a few minutes on most computers. In case you want to stop the scanning process, click on the ‘Abort’ button. The scan will resume the next time you click on the ‘1-Click Scan’ button.

  1. Once the scanning is complete, click on the ‘Fix Selected’ button. SlimCleaner Plus will repair a lot of things for free, but registration for the full version is $34.95. You can also click on the ‘View Details’ button to specifically select which of the issues you want to address.

  1. During future usage, just click on the ‘One Click Scan’ button whenever you start SlimCleaner Plus. We recommend running it at least once a week to keep your PC running smoothly all the time.


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