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First, let me set things straight...

You do not need to download JavaScript! It is as much a part of your web browser as the address bar is. It is a built-in component of your web browser engine. So, you do not need to download it! Rather, there are reasons your JavaScript is not working that I have detailed in the following article.

In this article I will will cover...

What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is a programming language that is most commonly used by web developers to display content on web pages. It shares similar purposes of HTML but does so much more. JavaScript allows web developers to create more sophisticated and dynamic web pages with very particular funtions and commands.

When you fill out a form on the Internet, it is common for JavaScript to be responsible for sending the information in the form to the appropriate place. This is only one, simple example of JavaScript at work. There are so many applications for JavaScript and it is working in the background on nearly every web page on the Internet. So if you spend a lot of time surfing the web, then you should be concerned with JavaScript.

JavaScript rarely causes any errors at all. Of course, everything breaks every once in a while and your computer, which is supposed to bring ease and convenience into your life, may begin to cause you a lot of stress due to annoying and persistent errors.

How JavaScript problems happen...

If you're getting a JavaScript error, it may or may not be a problem with your computer. In some cases, it's because the developer made a mistake in their code that needs to be corrected. JavaScript can be a picky programming language to work with and if the developer isn't following the rules, you will get a JavaScript error. Unfortunately, if there is an error in the developer's JavaScript code, there is nothing you can do about this. However, if the web page's developer has listed an email address they can be contacted at, you can email the developer with the error code and they will probably try to fix it. Beyond that, there is nothing more you can do for bad JavaScript code.

In other cases, you may not have JavaScript enabled! If this is the case, your browser settings have not been configured to enable JavaScript and you will receive an error any time a page is trying to send you content using JavaScript.

In yet another case, there may be security setting misconfigurations or internal errors with your browser causing JavaScript to malfunction. You get the picture -- as with most problems with computers, there is often a plethora of possible causes. I have compiled a guide to fixing JavaScript issues, but you should note that while I attempt to cover the most common causes of JavaScript problems, there is no way to determine with 100% certainty what the real cause of your problem is. That is why we recommend the use of an automated tool.

What you REALLY need to fix JavaScript problems...

Like I said before, you do NOT need to download JavaScript itself, it is a built-in part of your web browser. Rather, you need to diagnose and fix the reason why JavaScript isn't working. As with anything to do with computers, manually trying to find the true reasons behind your JavaScript problems can prove to be a time consuming, mind-numbing task. There are a plethora of ways to go about diagnosing your computer, but doing it with an automated tool is highly recommended. It is much safer to use an automated tool to fix your JavaScript, not to mention a whole lot easier and faster.

The tool recommends is called SlimCleaner Plus. It is designed to repair these causes of JavaScript problems, along with much, much more. More than likely, the cause of your JavaScript issue is an internal issue within your computer that you will probably not find without hours of labor, or a call to a technician. SlimCleaner Plus takes those hours and turns them into seconds -- give it a try! ( click here to download ) QUICK FIX


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