How to Fix a Slow Computer

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Causes of Slow Computer

What causes a computer to become slow and operate with reduced performance? This question plagues computer users everywhere. Brand new computers are often quick and responsive, but after years of use they gradually degrade in performance and become slow, sometimes to the point of unusability. This exponential decrease in performance can be caused by not just one, but a collection of problems that amount to hours of wasted time and frustration.

Computers are responsible for performing multiple tasks at once, even if it seems like it's doing nothing. There are a number of processes and special services that run in the background on your computer. Many of these processes and services are necessary for the normal operation of your computer, but there equally as many that bloat the hard disk, overload the processor and needlessly consume the system resources that are elemental for fast computer performance. To regain, and further enhance computer performance, the operating system needs to be streamlined, wasteful processes terminated, unnecessary bloatware terminated, and security vulnerabilities patched.

Tweaking and fine tuning your system to run at its maximum potential requires effort and little bit of know-how, which we will provide, but these endeavours will take some time out of your day, so make sure you can invest it if you choose to attempt to speed up your PC manually. We've put together a step-by-step guide to manually tuning up your slow PC. However, often times an easier, automated solution can resolve the problem quicker.

How to Easily Fix a Slow Computer

Tweaking and tuning up your PC without using an automated solution can commonly be a lengthy and laborious task that may result in unintended consequences if you aren't a computer guru. However, the problems that cause poor computer performance can be repaired quite easily and safely when you have the right tool.

The tool recommends is SlimCleaner Plus. It is a very simple, fast, and easy to use application developed by SlimWare Utilities, winners of PC Magazine's prestigious "product of the year" 2012 in the Utility category (Source). SlimCleaner Plus can automatically detect and resolve problems that are causing poor computer performance. It can also correct many other issues your system may have. Very often, users won't even know there is an issue with their system until unexplained errors start occurring. As a matter of fact, that reason more than likely is why you are on this page right now! ( click here to download SlimCleaner Plus ) QUICK FIX


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