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What is an RPC Server?

In order to understand what an RPC server is, you must first have a general understanding of the term RPC, what it means and why it is important to you. RPC stands for Remote Procedure Call. RPC is a technology that allows for interprocess communication. Interprocess communication is when information is shared between two seperate processes on the same computer or between two seperate processes existing on two seperate computers. An RPC server manages and directs interprocess communication between seperate processes on the same computer (local machine) or between seperate processes on two seperate computers (LAN/networked machines).

RPC technology becomes important when you want to share a printer over a network or you want to manage the computers on your network remotely. RPC services are also used by professional technology specialists to manage computers over long distances by utilizing a Windows feature called Remote Desktop. Any kind of function that requires two seperate and distinct processes to share information in real time uses RPC. So, if you are trying to lose the wires and make things at home more convenient using RPC, you might run into some trouble down the road.

Common Causes of this Error

The RPC server is sustained by a number of services that run in the background on your computer. If you are receiving an error stating that the “RPC Server is Unavailable” it is very likely that the core services required for RPC and possibly their dependent services are not running or the files that provide for their operation have become corrupted. Alternatively, the files required for RPC may not be damaged at all but the necessary information in the Windows registry that allows for these services to be recognized and maintained has disappeared or has become corrupted itself. In the worst case scenario, all of these factors apply and the problem will require a lot of troubleshoooting and a lot of headscratching; and, not necessarily in that order.

Most Common Causes

  • Services required for RPC are not running.

  • Files required for the operation of RPC services are missing or corrupted.

  • Registry information that supports RPC services is missing or corrupted.

  • Network settings are not configured properly for RPC.

  • Network protocols are missing, corrupted or not installed.

  • The user does not have sufficient priveleges to perform RPC requests.

  • A 3rd party firewall is blocking RPC requests over the network.

In a more perfect world, you simply haven't configured your computer or two computers to communicate with one another correctly. There are a number of settings to check when troubleshooting for RPC and none of these items are configured for you by default. We have compiled a guide to manually fixing RPC server errors. There because there are many types of malware that will attempt to exploit security holes within RPC technology. Fortunately, most of these security issues have been resolved and has made RPC a safe, as well as beneficial technology for Windows users everywhere.

How to Easily FIX “RPC Server Unavailable”

Problems with RPC services can have a variety of root causes. The cause and meaning of the message varies depending on your computer's configuration. Because of this, it can be very difficult to ascertain exactly what is causing the problem. Additionally, fixing these problems manually can be time consuming and cumbersome, not to mention dangerous if you aren't sure of what you're doing. Fortunately, automated tools such as SlimCleaner Plus exist to help users with these problems.

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