Fixing Print Spooler Errors

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About the Print Spooler Service

The spooler/print spooler/spool or spoolsv.exe is a legitimate Windows service that runs in the background of your computer. It has no visible window but is constantly running in the background to monitor for printing requests that you may initiate by clicking the Print button on the printer or within an application interface. A service is something that runs in the background of the computer and monitors for specific tasks or events that the service is responsible for. In the instance of the print spooler service, the printer spooler waits until a print job is requested and then it becomes active. The print spooler is responsible for transferring the data in the print job to a temporary storage area that is accessible by the printer.

If the print spooler stops working, the data that completes a requested print job is not transferred to the necessary location and is not noticed by the printer. Without the print spooler, the capability to print anything is lost.

Print Spooler Errors

Users that initiate large volumes of print jobs into the print queue or users that simply print a lot may experience errors with the spool service that would result in error messages such as these...

  • Spooler subsystem app has encountered a problem and needs to close.

  • Operation could not be completed.

If you receive an error message similar to the ones listed, there is likely an error with the print spooler service, spoolsv.exe. This service can produce errors or become corrupt during normal use or because of a conflict with a third party print management service belonging to a peripheral printing device. All printers come with their own driver that enables the functionality of the printer and many come with their own print spool service that often conflicts with the generic spool service provided by Windows. This conflict can cause the print queue to become jammed or unresponsive, thus resulting in printer not working or requiring an extraordinary amount of time to print a single job.

You may experience errors like the ones listed above when...

  • Your printer driver is out of date or missing (Run DriverUpdate by SlimWare Utilities), or manually update them

  • First logging into Windows.

  • Trying to start the Print Spooler service.

  • Trying to stop the Print Spooler service.

  • Attempting to access Printer and Faxes.

  • Attempting to Add a printer.

  • Trying to print a document or photo.

If you experience print spooler errors under any of these circumstances or receive an error like or similar to the ones listed above, we have created a guide to manually fixing printer errors, however we believe the best solution is the automated tool discused below. Generally, there is an issue with the print spooler (spoolsv.exe) service that must be corrected.

How to Easily Fix Print Spooler Errors

The vast majority of printer errors are caused by spoolsv.exe. In turn, the vast majority of spoolsv.exe problems are caused by errors in your system registry. It doesn't take much to cause a problem -- as with anything to do with computers, the printing system is very sensitive to configuration problems. It can be very difficult to track down the source of the problem, but thankfully automated tools exist to do that work for you!

SlimCleaner Plus by SlimWare Utilities is recommended. SlimWare has been recognized for creating powerful applications that are incredibly easy to use by anybody. It's job is to seek out errors and misconfigurations in your system and fix them. This way, it'll also fix any other hidden problems you may not even know you have! Additionally, a boost in system performance comes after using the application since it doubles as an optimizer.
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