Fixing Windows Update Problems

Posted by Bob, Slimware

In this article I will discuss...

What are Windows Updates?

Microsoft Updates pretty much speak for themselves. They are updates or changes for the better to the Windows operating system that runs on your computer. Your operating system is so important, that without it, you would not even be able to log on to your computer to use it. So if Windows Update makes the operating system more stable and all-around better, you should definitely get excited about making sure you have all the latest updates from Microsoft.

Microsoft is always trying to make Windows better. In their pursuit of this goal, they find issues along the way that they can change to improve performance and security. They distribute these changes through Windows Updates! When you first got your computer, Windows asked you if you wanted to apply Windows Updates automatically. If you agreed to turn Automatic Windows Updates on then you most likely have all the latest updates from Microsoft. However, you may have been given an error the last time you tried downloading and installing an update. Unfortunately, these errors are all too common, and Windows/Microsoft Updates have been a source of frustration for as long as they have been offered.

What causes Microsoft Update errors...

Causes of Windows Update failure can include...

  • Failure to connect to Windows Update servers due to user's lack of Internet connectivity
  • Failure to connect to Windows Update servers due to server maintenance or failure
  • Third-party firewall is blocking connection to Windows Update servers
  • Anti-malware software is recognizing Windows Updates as malware
  • Invalid or unauthenticated user permissions
  • Windows Update Agent service is stopped

There are also a number of settings and configurations in Windows that may be set inappropriately for you to receive updates. We have compiled a guide to manually fix Windows Update problems. It covers fixing most of the issues noted above.

While the above guide attempts to cover most every situation that could be causing your Microsoft Update problems, it should be noted that it is not a guaranteed foolproof solution. As with everything with computers, there is a wide array of possible explanations for your errors, some of which are obvious and some of which aren't. Our recommendation has always been to deploy a wide-spectrum system fix tool.

How to Easily Fix Windows Update

As it seems to be the case with everything to do with computers, the root cause of your Windows Update issues more than likely is not obvious. It may not directly have to do with Windows Update itself. Instead, small, unintentional misconfigurations are largely to blame for the problems most computer users suffer from. It is often very difficult to track down the root cause of a problem manually -- it can cost you a lot of time, not to mention sanity! We've always believed that easy-to-use automated tools are the best answer.

SlimCleaner Plus is the tool we recommend. It was created by SlimWare Utilities, and has been featured in numerous high level publications and TV Shows, including USA Today and Lifetime Network's "The Balancing Act". It is a simple, fast, dependable program designed specifically to fix issues with Windows Updates. Additionally, you get the benefit of fixing many other common PC ailments at the same time. ( click here to download SlimCleaner Plus ) QUICK FIX


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