Fixing Ieframe.dll

Posted by Bob, Slimware

This .DLL is associated with the Internet Explorer web browser from Microsoft. It's responsible for a lot of the UI (user interface) elements. Sometimes outdated security settings, incorrect firewall settings, certain Microsoft Updates, or even viruses can cause this .DLL error. To troubleshoot this error you should perform the following:

  1. Restart your computer. The error may not persist.

  2. Install the latest version of Internet Explorer.

  3. Restart your router, switch, cable/dsl modem and any other network hardware that communicates to the Internet.

  4. Scan your computer for viruses.

  5. (Windows XP only) Disable Windows Firewall if you have a third party firewall installed. Two firewalls running in sync tend to conflict with one another and can cause this error.

  6. Update all firewall and security software. If you are already up-to-date, try a clean installation of your security software.

  7. Install the latest Windows updates.

  8. Delete temporary Internet Files.

  9. Increase the frequency that Internet Explorer 7 checks for new versions of web pages.

  10. Disable Internet Explorer 7 add-ons individually. Add-ons can cause this error and selectively removing them can help you identify which one is causing the error.

  11. Reset Internet Explorer 7 security options to default.

  12. Incorrect or overprotective security settings can sometimes cause this error. Return security settings to default.

  13. (Windows XP) Move the Internet Explorer 7 temporary Internet files folder to it's default location.

  14. Disable the Phishing Filter.

  15. Disable the Protected Mode.

If you are still experiencing this error you can either try a clean installation of Windows or replace the .DLL by downloading the ieframe.dll ( Download ieframe.dll ) Follow the instructions provided at the link.


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