Fixing Generic Host Process Errors

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What "Generic Host Process for Win32 Services" Is

Generic Host Process for Win32 Services is an important process of Windows that keeps track of all the background services utilized by the operating system that maintains your computer's infrastructure and by the numerous applications that simplify your everyday life. If you've ever used the Windows Task Manager (Ctrl+Alt+Del), you are most likely familiar with the process svchost.exe. This process is the Generic Host Process for Win32 Services. If you open the task manager now, there should be multiple svchost.exe processes running in parallel. This process is unique from most others because it can host multiple processes in and of itself. The purpose of the Generic Host Process for Win32 Services is to reduce system resources by consolidating multiple processes into a single process.

Some services start up with your computer, and others are started by applications when they are launched. The purpose of a service is to provide assistance to other processes by remaining available in the background. Services are such a common standard for Windows applications that you might find it impossible to operate certain functions of your computer if the Generic Host Service is malfunctioning. Also, you may be limited to the number of services you can run, thus further limiting the number of applications you can run, because of these problems.

Common Causes of "Generic Host Process" Errors

Generic Host Process for Win32 Services has encountered a problem and needs to close.

Common causes of this error

  • System files used by the Generic Host Process are missing or corrupted.
  • Hardware device drivers are conflicting with one or more running services.
  • One or more services in conflict.
  • Malicious software is causing conflicts with the Generic Host Process.
  • Invalid registry key values are causing the error.

The above circumstances are all plausible when diagnosing errors with the Generic Host Process. In some cases, it may be a combination of more than one of the above listed causes. We've compiled a guide to manually fixing "Generic Host Process" errors that goes over fixes for the above problems. It is not uncommon for this error to occur on all versions of Windows, but most documentation observes that Windows XP SP2 users are more susceptible to this error.

How to Easily FIX "Generic Host Process" Errors

As we've discussed, this error generally has it's roots in the registry of your computer. For non-technical users, modifying the registry can be a daunting and dangerous process. As an alternative, a company called SlimWare Utilities has developed a program called "SlimCleaner Plus" that can easily diagnose a wide range of issues in your system's registry, and automatically fix them for you.

Think of SlimCleaner Plus as a wide-spectrum fix tool. Much like wide-spectrum antibiotics are used to treat a lot of different medical problems, SlimCleaner Plus can be used to treat a lot of different computer problems. It features an easy one-click scan interface that even the most novice computer user would be comfortable with.
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