Fixing DLL Errors

Posted by Bob, Slimware

In this article I will explain...

Just what exactly is a .dll anyway, what is it doing on MY COMPUTER?

DLL stands for Dynamic-link library. It is a resource used by your Windows operating system. It is one of the many tools that your applications (Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer, etc.) use to work properly. DLL's are a great improvement to the way earlier versions of Windows used to handle application data. It is much better for the memory management of your computer (you need memory to run applications and the operating system). DLL's eliminate the need to run individual resource pools for each application you are running. This makes your computer so much faster.

Think of a .DLL exactly as the name suggests. Let's imagine that each .DLL is a library and that the functions and data that each one contains are individual books. If an Microsoft Office wants to know how to display the font you are trying to use, it has to go to the “library” and find the “book” that tells it how.

The job of a DLL is very important! Any one DLL is relied upon by many applications for the data and functions they need to work properly and one DLL could possibly be providing resources for several applications at the same time!

So now we have all these different applications trying to check out the same book. If someone forgets to return it or tears out a page, then there is going to be a problem!

So you see... if you have an error with one of these DLL's, it could begin to effect many applications on your computer and should something happen to a DLL that your Windows operating system is using, your entire system could become unstable!

What is a .DLL error and why am I getting them...

Your probably wondering, “Why am I getting this error? I didn't DO anything!”

This, I can sympathize with. Anytime I've ever been given a .DLL error by Windows, I think the same thing. One day it just happens all of a sudden and you want some answers. Somewhere along the way, probably while the .DLL was in use, the .DLL was mishandled and now, one of it's functions or some of it's data is either missing, incomplete, or corrupt.

We have compiled an index of guides on how to manually fix common DLL errors.

A few years ago, fixing this issue would have been finding the .DLL online and installing it manually. Today, there are much easier, automated fixes to .DLL errors.

How to Easily Fix a .DLL error...

The vast majority of DLL errors are caused by errors in your system registry. All it takes is one innocent mistake to cause a major headache, and often times this mistake can only be found using an automated tool. Thankfully, although the problems they cause can be very hard to track down and painful to fix manually, the mistakes in your registry causing the errors are very easily repaired when you have the right tool.

The tool we recommend you use is SlimCleaner Plus. It is a very simple, lightweight and easy to use application from SlimWare Utilities. It will automatically detect .DLL errors and correct them for you. It will also correct any other errors in your registry, which is essentially the filing system for those libraries we were talking about earlier. ( click here to download SlimCleaner Plus ) QUICK FIX


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