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About this Error

This error is produced when Windows' default mail application is not configured properly. If you have received this error when clicking on a MailTo link or when clicking any web page link that is supposed to load the default mail client, then this article applies to you. Windows allows the user to configure default applications for similar tasks. In this instance the email task is supposed to be assigned to a default program chosen by the user. If this program is not configured as the default and/or not supplied with the necessary protocols for email then the above error will be given.

There are many different mailing applications and varying instances in which the mailing application can be called. That being said, there are multiple instances in which this error might occur. Most commonly, the default mailing applications is called when the user clicks on a MailTo link or an email address link in a web page. If the mailing application the user intends to use is configured as the default and configured with the default protocols for Internet mail, the application will load the email address into the mail application without hesitation. However, if the necessary settings and protocols are not configured as default, the application will not launch and the “Default mail client is not properly installed” error will occur.

Common Causes of the Error

The default mail client is most commonly called for from within the web browser that is being used. The default configuration settings are managed within Windows and additional settings are managed within the browser that the user will access the mail client from. The configuration settings for both are held within the Windows registry. The registry is an index of everything that is your computer. Should the registry not be configured properly, your mail program may not work. Below is a list of the most common causes of this error...

Most Common Causes

  • Default mail application is not configured in Windows.
  • Default email protocols are not assigned to the default mail application.
  • Default mail application is not configured within the browser.
  • Another mail application is causing a software conflict.
  • There are errors within the registry.

As you can see, most of the time the underlying problem causing the error message resides in the registry. We have compiled a guide to fixing "default mail client is not properly installed. However, it should be noted that improperly following the guide, or improperly manipulating the registry, can result in a system crash and possible loss of data. Be very careful if you choose to fix this manually..

Troubleshooting this error manually can become a frustrating and time consuming process. Fortunately, there are alternatives that handle the dirty work for you.

How to Easily FIX Default Mail Client is not Properly Installed

As we've discussed, this error generally has it's roots in the registry of your computer. For non-technical users, modifying the registry can be a daunting and dangerous process. As an alternative, a company called SlimWare Utilities has developed a program called "SlimCleaner Plus" that can easily diagnose a wide range of issues in your system's registry, and automatically fix them for you.

Think of SlimCleaner Plus as a wide-spectrum fix tool. Much like wide-spectrum antibiotics are used to treat a lot of different medical problems, SlimCleaner Plus can be used to treat a lot of different computer problems. It features an easy one-click scan interface that even the most novice computer user would be comfortable with.
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