How to Fix High CPU Usage

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About High CPU Usage

CPU Usage in Task Manager is 100%

A High CPU Usage reading indicates that the computer's central processing unit is running at max level or is above normal level for the number of applications running. Slow performance, hang-ups (freezing), and random shutdowns are symptoms of high CPU usage. The CPU (processor) processes all of the instructions for programs. The rate at which CPU's process instructions in cycles which are measured in hertz (Hz), commonly extrapolated to megahertz (Mhz) and gigahrtz (Ghz). A given CPU has a maximum number of cycles which can be produced per second. Simply put, the CPU can only handle so much before it becomes encumbered by the number of processes and becomes slow.

Is your computer running extremely slow? Open the Task Manager (Ctrl+Alt+Del) and check the CPU usage. If your CPU usage stays at 100% all the time, there is a serious problem. Typically, your processor usage shouldn't go over 50% unless using large applications such as video games or media editing programs.

Common Causes of High CPU Usage

The factors that contribute to high CPU usage and slow performance are varying. The problem may stem from hardware failure or software error or both. In order to diagnose the problem accurately, it's a good idea to know the common causes of high CPU usage so you might better identify the root cause. Constant, high CPU usage is not normal. If your computer performs slowly and displays a high CPU usage percentage in the task manager, there is an underlying problem that is causing the processor to run at such an extreme speed. Diagnostic troubleshooting is required to accurately identify the problem, but these are some of the common causes of high CPU usage:

High CPU Usage May Be Caused By...

There are other events which can result in high CPU usage, but these are some of the most common. We've covered many of them with other articles or programs linked above. The rest, we have covered in a detailed guide: Manually Fixing High CPU Usage. Keep in mind, these guides are meant for users with some administrative skill and not following them properly can lead to serious issues.

How to Easily FIX High CPU Usage

Most CPU Usage issues can be traced back to an overload of processes running, and too little resources to handle all of them. This does not mean that your computer has to be like this! Rather, you need to find which processes are clogging up your computer's performance and remedy them. While this can prove tough to do manually, automated programs such as SlimCleaner Plus can turn this chore into a walk in the park.

SlimCleaner Plus is a system optimizer that can seek out issues with your computer's configuration. It's one-click interface allows even the most novice computer users to take advantage of it's high-powered optimization engine. SlimCleaner Plus is mainted and supported by SlimWare Utilities Inc, an award-winning software company that has been covered in numerous high-level media publications.
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