How to Fix Code 28 Error

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What the Code 28 Error Is

The drivers for this device are not installed (Code 28).

Code 28 is a device manager error indicating that the drivers for a given hardware device are not installed. This error means that a previous attempt to update the driver failed or a driver was uninstalled for a given device but was not replaced/updated. This error prompts you to reevaluate your driver installation and reinstall the driver if necessary. In most cases, reinstalling the driver will fix the problem.

Drivers are essential for the normal operation of any hardware device. A driver is software that provides for the functions and operating procedures for any given device. Each hardware device has its own unique driver that provides it with the instructions and resources necessary for completing its array of tasks. Drivers create compatibility by enabling communication between other hardware devices and the operating system. Without a driver, a hardware device will not work and may not even be recognized by Windows. A driver does exactly what the name suggests, it drives or operates the physical hardware device itself.

It is not unusual for a driver to become corrupted and produce errors like Code 28. The important thing to keep in mind is that the problem is only software related and can be corrected. Of course, there are other causes of Code 28 other than a non-present or missing driver.

Common Causes of Code 28 Errors

This error message typically only occurs when a device is attempting to communicate with the operating system but Windows cannot find the driver for the device. Windows will attempt to load the driver from the location peviously specified by the device but will be unable to find it. Although, there are other circumstances which can provoke this error...

Common causes of Code 28 errors...

  • The driver is not installed.
  • The driver is missing.
  • The driver is out-of-date.
  • The driver is corrupt.
  • A previous attempt to update the driver failed.
  • The device is not configured as the default device.
  • The device is not plugged in correctly or all the way.
  • The device is damaged.

Code 28 can occur due to any of the above causes, yet the most common cause is because the driver is missing or simply not installed. The device manager often reports errors such as Code 28 based on a logical pattern in the behavior of the driver and/or the device itself. It is not uncommon for errors such as these to occur but neither is it uncommon for Windows to report the error incorrectly. Fortunately, the method for troubleshooting and correcting Device Manager errors is synonymous with all errors that might appear within the Device Manager.

The best action to take when troubleshooting Device Manager errors like Code 28 is to uninstall and reinstall the driver. In this case, it is likely that uninstallation will not be necessary as it is possible that there is not a driver installed at all. We have provided a guide to manually fixing Code 28 errors. Alternatively, continue reading below to learn how to easily fix the problem with an automated tool.

How to Easily FIX Code 28 Errors

Code 28 errors are nearly always caused by driver problems. Whether it is a misconfigured driver, a missing driver, or a corrupt driver, it is rather safe to assume that the problem is driver-related. Unfortunately, it is difficult to determine exactly which driver may be causing the issue. That is where the use of automated tools like DriverUpdate come into play.

DriverUpdate is able to scan your computer for out of date or missing device drivers, and recommend the best possible driver for your system configuration. It takes the guesswork out of fixing code 28 error messages. Additionally, it ensures that you only get the correct drivers, which is a big deal since installing an incorrect driver can result in a crash. DriverUpdate is made by SlimWare Utilities Inc.
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