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What is AppCrash

AppCrash is a commonly experienced problem in Windows describing an event in which a running application encounters an error that it can't recover from and then crashes. An AppCrash error can be recognized when the computer appears to “freeze” or become unresponsive. After a default timeout during which the application attempts to recover, Windows will display a message stating that the “program has stopped responding and needs to close” or that it “has performed an illegal operation and needs to close”.

AppCrash is short for application crash and is often used to describe a crashed application. When an application “crashes”, it stops responding to any user input. During an AppCrash, you may find it difficult to perform any other tasks on your computer. An AppCrash errors cripple your computer's performance and brings it to a halt while it attempts to resolve the application crash. The crashed application has been locked by the operating system and is in a state of quasi-stasis. The application is attempting to recover from the crash in the background but you can intervene by closing the program from the AppCrash error prompt.

AppCrash can even effect Windows modules and process as well. If an AppCrash error occurs within a critical part of the operating system kernel, the whole computer may shutdown. An AppCrash that forces a system shutdown does so in a manner that can cause serious harm to your computer that may begin to appear in the form of strange errors, unusual behaviour or not functioning at all.

Common Causes of AppCrash

AppCrash errors can be produced under varying, unique circumstances but most AppCrash errors occur when the computer is under a lot of stress. Prolonged stress from operating at full load can cause an AppCrash error but there are other causes as well. AppCrash errors can be produced as the result of incompatibility or an insufficient amount of available resources. The most common causes of AppCrash are...

  • Computer can't handle the number of processes so it “freezes” or becomes unresponsive
  • Out of physical/virtual memory
  • Corruption of application required resources
  • Programming error
  • Application incompatibility

We've compiled a guide to manually fixing AppCrash errors for do-it-yourself'ers. Please make sure to follow the instructions carefully to avoid damaging your computer.

AppCrash can occur at any time during the normal operation of your computer and often effects performance afterwards. An AppCrash error is often triggered by resource-intensive applications like games but can be produced by any application. AppCrash error prompts don't often provide very useful information for investigating them unless you are an advanced user and can use the technical details of the error in your research.

How to Easily FIX AppCrash

"AppCrash" is a generic term to describe when an application crashes. Many of these crashes can be attributed to overloading your computer. When your computer is loaded down, the internal workings of individual applications can become stuck due to a lack of system resources. As a result, the application will crash. This is preventable if your system is optimized.

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