How to Fix 0x80004005 Error

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About Error 0x80004005

The operation failed with error 0x80004005

Error 0x80004005 denotes "Access denied". This error message indicates that the program that returned the error did not have sufficient priveleges to perform the requested operation. Windows and it's file system are protected by an ascending hierarchy of permission levels. Programs may only perform operations for which they have the required permissions. If a program attempts to perform an operation for which it does not have the necessary permissions, it may return the error 0x80004005 (Access denied). This result is by design in adherence to Windows' security parameters. In order for a program to successfully complete an operation that requires permissions above it's normal clearance level, it's permission level must be elevated by an Administrator.

Even if you are the Administrator of the computer, it does not mean the programs that you operate inherit the same permissions as you. In fact, for security reasons, Administrators are practically operated as standard users by default; although, they do retain the ability to elevate permissions for themselves and individual programs on-demand. If you are experiencing error 0x80004005 regularly or whenever you try to perform a specific operation, the default privileges for those programs are insufficient for the completion of the requested operation and must be adjusted accordingly to prevent further errors. Sometimes granting an individual program Administrative privileges by default will not satisfy the cause of the error. In many cases, the program in error is attempting to access the registry for protected information. The registry is also protected by this security scheme and the key that is being accessed may require that special permissions be written for it to be accessed freely by other programs.

Common Causes of Error 0x80004005

A program requesting elevated permissions may run into problems in various stages of the process depending on what program is requesting access and what it is requesting access to. Because all programs are treated differently based on their purpose, you may encounter seemingly similar instances of 0x80004005 that are in fact completely different in circumstance. The common causes of error 0x80004005 are listed below.

Common causes of Error 0x80004005...

  • Misconfiguration in system
  • The user is not logged in as an Administrator
  • The user mistakenly denied elevated privileges to the program's request.
  • The program is requesting access to an object that does not supply sufficient privileges for itself.
  • Virus/Malware infections

In essence, error 0x80004005 is the result of a program trying to do something it isn't alowed to do. In this vain, the error is not an error at all, but under the circumstances that it is preventing a legitimate request, it becomes an error and a problem. Diagnosing this particular error requires extensive monitoring and troubleshooting to observe where the request is being denied, however we've created a guide to manually fixing 0x80004005 errors for do-it-yourself'ers.

How to Easily FIX Error 0x80004005

Error 0x80004005 is generally caused by a low-level misconfiguration in your system. This can happen in a variety of ways. A benign application could have erroneously changed a setting. A virus could be lurking on your computer. You may have caused the error yourself, unknowingly! It's rather difficult and time consuming to diagnose exactly what is causing the issue by hand, but fortunately automatic tools like SlimCleaner Plus exist to make this otherwise painful task a walk in the park.

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