Complete Guide to Tuning Up Your PC

Posted by Bob, Slimware

The purpose of this guide is to teach you how to perform simple and advanced maintenance techniques on your Windows-PC in order to increase speed and improve the overall performance of your computer. This guide was written very simply so anyone can easily understand it. We'll be moving a long at steady pace so you won't get lost. By the end of this guide you will know how to:

  • Make more room on your hard drive

  • Lighten the work load of your processor

  • Speed up everyday tasks

  • Improve the overall performance of your computer

Below is a table of contents which describes the contents of this guide. Clicking on the link in each individual topic will take you to that article.


  • Clean House: The why & how for cleaning junk files from your computer [READ]

  • Come Together Now: The why & how for defragmenting your computer hard-drive [READ]

  • Failure to Communicate: Why hardware drivers are important & how to keep them up-to-date [READ]

  • Clean Windows: Why Windows Updates are important & how to keep them up-to-date [READ]

  • Advanced Tweaking: Step-by-step reconfiguration of certain Windows settings for increased speed & performance

    • Disable Unnecessary Services [READ]

    • Removing Unnecessary Startup Items [READ]

    • Removing Unused Fonts [READ]

    • Disable Short File Names [READ]

    • Disable DLL Caching [READ]

    • Disable Windows Automatic File Decompression [READ]

    • Enable Hardware Acceleration for VGA Display [READ]

    • Disable Visual Effects [READ]

    • Adjust Paging File Size [READ]

  • Memory Upgrade: How adding additional RAM to your computer can increase performance [READ]


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