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First, let me set things straight...

You do not need to download ActiveX! It is as much a part of Internet Explorer as the address bar is. It is a built-in component of Internet Explorer. So, you do not need to download it! Rather, there are reasons your ActiveX is not working that I have detailed in the following article.

In this article I will will cover...

What is ActiveX?

ActiveX is a Microsoft technology that is used for interprocess communication. It was first introduced to Windows in 1996 as an extended development to existing Microsoft technologies that would provide applications and programs with the framework for defining reuseable software components as well as define the rules and procedures for sharing those components with other users over a network. This technology allows for one application to utilize a piece of software, finish with it and then pass it on to another application to complete an operation. Essentially, ActiveX technology is the recycling of software for use by other applications. ActiveX is not like a programming language so much as it is more similar to a set of rules and guidelines for applications that share software components. ActiveX has become very common due to it's implementation on the web in the form of ActiveX controls.

ActiveX controls are most notibly seen when downloading a file using the Internet Explorer web browser. ActiveX controls are the method for implementing ActiveX technologies. ActiveX exists only in the Internet Explorer web browser and on Windows operating systems. Although, similar forms of this technology exist on the web in different design and under different names.

ActiveX controls were intended to provide ActiveX technologies to users everywhere in a safe and secure manner. However, there have been many security flaws with ActiveX controls that have caused malware infections to Windows users everywhere. Microsoft has made various attempts at resecuring ActiveX and making it safer for use.

How ActiveX Problems Happen

If you are experiencing problems or errors with ActiveX, it is most likely caused by:

  • Security settings are configured to block ActiveX installations.

Often times, the only problem with ActiveX are the security settings that grant them access to Windows. Many security applications often adjust ActiveX settings in an effort to prevent infection. The intent of these programs is benign, but many technologies utilize ActiveX and become non-functioning without access to it.

  • The user is attempting to download and install ActiveX controls using an incompatible platform.

ActiveX is exists only in the Internet Explorer web browser and on Windows operating systems. It is impossible to obtain an ActiveX control using a browser other than Internet Explorer. Browsers such as FireFox, Chrome or Opera do not utilize ActiveX. Users operating Mac computers cannot obtain ActiveX controls as this technology is only utilized by the Windows operating system.

To help with these causes, along with a few other common causes for ActiveX problems, we've developed an index of guides on manually fixing common ActiveX problems. However, it should be noted that there are literally thousands of causes and fixes for ActiveX, many of which are out of the scope of the articles we write. In most cases, you can save yourself a lot of time and frustration by using an automated tool.

What you REALLY need to fix ActiveX Problems

Like I said before, you do NOT need to download ActiveX itself, it is a built-in part of your web browser. Rather, you need to diagnose and fix the reason why ActiveX isn't working. As with anything to do with computers, manually trying to find the true reasons behind your ActiveX problems can prove to be a time consuming, mind-numbing task. There are a plethora of ways to go about diagnosing your computer, but doing it with an automated tool is highly recommended. It is much safer to use an automated tool to fix your ActiveX issues, not to mention a whole lot easier and faster.

The tool recommends is called SlimCleaner Plus, created by SlimWare Utilities. SlimCleaner Plus is designed to repair causes of ActiveX problems, along with much, much more. More than likely, the cause of your ActiveX issue is an internal issue within your computer that you will probably not find without hours of labor, or a call to a technician. SlimCleaner Plus takes those hours and turns them into seconds -- give it a try!
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